Make an online grocery to support family's establishments in the regions.


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The Center for Immigration in the Region (CIR) project was created thanks to the will of a group of citizens living in the regions and in Montreal. Aware of the current situation of immigrants in large urban centers, EIF promoters want to address some of the gaps in access to information for the promotion of immigrant settlement in the regions in order to facilitate this process.


The CIR seeks to promote the settlement of immigrant people and families in the regions through the promotion and creation of businesses, on everything in the agricultural sector as a way of life. As well as the promotion of agri-food products from Quebec and to make immigrant individuals and families aware of the importance of local purchasing. And creating new products instead of importing them.


Immigrant individuals and families usually look for imported products from their home countries. The CIR also aims to promote local agri-food products to immigrant people and families in order to make them aware of the importance of buying local products. And this with the aim of eventually attracting them to settle in the region and opening up and creating businesses in the agri-food and food processing sector.


The goal is simple The CIR seeks to promote the creation of agribusiness enterprises with the aim of stimulating the creation of agricultural enterprises and food processing to develop new products with international influences to counter the import of certain products of foreign origin that we could easily produce in Quebec instead of importing them.


Through the online store Fait au Quebec by CIR will promote the purchase of local products, will highlight several producers of immigrant origin and it will develop a self-financing economic activity, to be able to promote and accomplish the promotion and the settlement of immigrants in agricultural areas.


This innovative formula of regional promotion combines two important objectives for the reality of immigrants, establishment in the region and the opportunity to participate in the development of agricultural enterprises sector in which the participation of immigrants is still low. The CIR seeks to develop a network of producer members of immigrant origin who will serve as a model of inspiration to all immigrant individuals and families seeking opportunities in the regions of Quebec.


The implementation of this promotional program will be achieved thanks to the flexibility of e-commerce and the convenience of local shopping, a formula that has been increasingly found in several regions: Bois-Francs, Estrie, Outaouais, Saguenay and Quebec. This short distribution circuit system connects consumers directly to producers.


Through a website, CIR members order the products they want from those previously sold by producers. Subsequently, delivery is provided by the member producer of the EIF network to a central drop-off point where products will be prepared for delivery to CIR consumer members at secondary drop-off points in urban areas.


In addition to giving members a sense of belonging to the land, the CIR will create a simple and effective way to stimulate the regional economy, the creation of agricultural businesses with innovative know-how of mixed products and the establishment of families and families. immigrants in agricultural regions.