Terms and conditions of use

Terms of use

1.Create your account

Create a user and password by clicking on the login link at the top of the main page or by completing your first order.


To facilitate our logistics we have two drop-off points for distribution.


We count with a drop point that covers the distribution in the Grenville-sur-la-Rouge region and its surrounding Grenville, Point au Chaine, Brownsburg-Chatham, the Fall, Motebello, etc.


We have a base for distribution in Montreal in the Verdun neighborhood.



Once connected to your account you can browse through the website and choose from our wide range of products to concoct your grocery cart. Or choose from our baskets preconceived to facilitate your order and everything to save time.


To order you click on the category of the product, you click on the image of the product, you add it in your shopping cart and here you add the quantities as needed.



Once finished your order you must confirm and pay your order. To do this you click on your shopping cart, you click on the order button and you complete the steps of the purchase summary section to make your payment.


You can pay online by credit card with a secure PayPal module.


You have the option to pay by check or cash or visa (square module) upon delivery of your basket.


It's simple, fast and easy!




Schedules for orders and delivery depending on the drop point / distribution.



Verdun / Montreal drop-off point


You can order from Friday to Monday before 20:00 for delivery Wednesday between 17:00 and 19:00.


At: Marcel Giroux Center in Verdun.




Grenville-sur-la-Rouge drop-off point / MRC-Argenteuil / Montebello


You can order from Monday to Wednesday before 20:00 for delivery Friday between 17:00 and 19:00.


At: Paul Bougie Community Center.